Welcome to Mozaic Creations Ltd

Are you planning to redecorate or renovate your living area or bath? Or maybe you're building a new home? Let us show you our numerous applications and see the many uses tile and marble can have in your home or business.


It would be our pleasure to demonstrate for you how new decorative tile can enhance your property.


Decorating With Tile

Tile is a multi-faceted material with many design uses. It is used on building facades, pools, bathrooms and throughout the home, showing its unique individuality. Tile and marble are used for counter tops, decorative treatments, backsplashes, and much more.


When choosing your tile and marble, Mozaic ensures that the proper type of material is installed for your needs and that you will have a surface that is free from defects for many years. In the unlikely event that future damage occurs, you'll want to rely on the knowledge of our expert repair team to fix the problem in order to avoid a more costly replacement.